Religion, Bloodlines, and Cleric Domains

Divine Bloodlines

Some races (Human, Orc, Half-Orc, and Half-Elf) have people among them who are said to directly descend from the Gods themselves. People who possess one of these bloodlines develop very real gifts that seem to give the theory some credence. Political borders and familial history are deeply tied to these bloodlines, and no small amount of conflict arises because of them. You are encouraged to play characters who possess a bloodline, which costs a feat to possess but will develop special abilities as a result.

Bloodline Powers

Humans, Orcs, Half-Orcs, and Half-Elves may take a Bloodline Feat at the start of the game. Those that do are considered to have divine blood and may choose from one of the two starting bloodline powers for their particular God.

NOTE: The powers you see below are just examples. We’ll work with you at character creation to make something that fits your style and abilities.

Bloodlines and Naming

Despite some differences in cultures and language, all cultures use the same naming scheme for those who hold bloodlines. After their family name, those families with divine bloodlines will reference such with “d’” followed by the god’s name when announcing their full moniker, for example, “King Seoras Aricien d’Taranis”

When referencing a bloodline as a race or group, use the second moniker given below, such as Sulian or Taranite.

The Gods of Menelaeth


The stories say that Sulis was but a simple slave girl who caused the sun to stop in the sky so that the army that freed her could find shelter before the chill of night set in. They go on to say that she called songbirds to alert them of danger and turned putrid beef into fresh meat. Her symbols are the sun itself, most birds except for birds of prey or scavengers, and in some areas roasting mutton over a fire. Her favored weapon is the quarterstaff, an implement she used to redirect the light of the sun. Her bloodlines are dominant among the Selendrasti though they have been spread by marriage to the Fractured Empire as well. People call on Sulis for blessing during strife, hunger, or severe cold. Some see her as a guiding light. Some priests have called upon her to punish invaders who dare the warmer lands in heavy metal armors.

Bloodline Powers:
Level 1 —
Light Sleeper (Su): You only need half as much sleep as a normal humanoid in order to fully rest, remove fatigue, and recover wounds. You must still wait a full 24 hours before recovering any spells or spell like abilities. You also gain a +5 divine bonus to Perception checks made while asleep.

Sunlight Affinity (Su): You gain a +1 divine bonus to attack and damage rolls when in direct sunlight or within the range of a Daylight spell. When in these conditions, you may also ignore the effects of the fatigue or exhausted conditions as well as any penalties from negative levels, for a number of rounds equal to your character level. These rounds need not be consecutive.

Domain Powers:
Sun’s Blessing (Su): Whenever you channel positive energy to harm undead creatures or evil outsiders, add your cleric level to the damage dealt. Undead do not add their channel resistance to their saves when you channel positive energy.

Day’s Resurgence (Su): At 8th level you can restore a single creature as if it had just completed 8 hours of rest. This ability takes 10 minutes, and if it is interrupted, must be started again but is not lost. A single willing creature that you have touched regains hit points as if it had rested for the night, is cured of fatigue or exhaustion, and may make new saving throws against effects that require a save once per day. The target does not suffer any negative effects if such saving throws are failed, but success counts toward removing the affliction (if possible). This ability does not allow a target to regain spellcasting, supernatural, or spell-like abilities an additional time per day, but extraordinary or other abilities are affected. You can use this ability a number of time per day equal to 3 plus your Charisma modifier.

Domain Spells: 1st — Endure Elements, Flare Burst; 2nd — Animal Messenger; 3rd — Searing Light, Heatstroke; 4th — Shield of Dawn; 5th — Beast Shape II (Bird Only), Flame Strike; 6th — Eaglesoul; 7th — Sunbeam, Waves of Exhaustion; 8th — Sunburst; 9th — Fiery Body



They say when his hammer falls upon steel, thunder rumbles across heavens. Lightning strikes are the blasts and embers of his forge. In the ancient days, he built bronze weapons and armor for an entire army, crafting armament for thousands in a single night. He is depicted as a well-muscled bearded man usually in mid-swing with his hammer, a half-formed sword gripped in his other hand. His bloodlines dominate the feudal kingdoms, particularly among the Bleddyn tribes, but they have also extended to the Murrough families that rule. Lightning, wolves, and the peregrine falcon are all common symbols of Taranis. His favored weapon is the hammer. Priests sometimes call upon lightning, offer bursts of stamina, or produce spiritual weapons with but a thought.

Bloodline Powers:
Level 1 –

Thundercraft (Su): You gain a +4 divine bonus to Craft skill checks made to craft steel weapons or armor. With access to a proper forge under an open sky, you can craft such items in half the time it normally takes, and can create masterwork weapons with half of the material costs.

Storm’s Ferocity (Su): When making a charge, you gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls, and if the charge attack is successful, you may make an immediate bull rush attempt as if you had the Improved Bull Rush and Awesome Blow feats. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier.

Domain Powers:
Strength Surge (Sp): As a swift action, you can touch a creature to give it great strength. For 1 round, the target gains a divine bonus equal to 1/2 your cleric level (minimum +1) to melee attacks, combat maneuver checks that rely on Strength, Strength-based skills, and Strength checks. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Hammer of Thunder (Sp): At 8th level, as a swift action, you can grant any hammer you wield the Thundering and Sonic special abilities, for a number of rounds equal to your Cleric level (these round need not be consecutive). Alternatively, you can grant the weapon the Construct Bane special quality and deal double damage to objects.

Domain Spells: 1st — Enlarge Person, Call Lightning; 2nd — Spiritual Weapon, Returning Weapon; 3rd — Lightning Bolt, Shatter; 4th — Litany of Thunder; 5th — Call Lightning Storm, Righteous Might; 6th — Sonic Thrust; 7th — Hardening; 8th — Stormbolts; 9th — Ride the Lightning



She was the consort of the great general Gregus, but for all of his fame and fierceness, Gregus could not push back the enemy. When he fell, Andraste picked up his spear, thrust it into the air, and led his army to victory where he could not. When her steed was slain, she broke a wild stallion and rode him as if he were the wind. She is attributed to not only running down foes with her spear, but firing a bow from horseback. Her bloodline is claimed by the hill riders of Rubana, but also shows up in many lineages of the Fractured Empire. Some have claimed descendancy in other parts of the world, but none have been taken seriously. Her symbols are the spear, a wild horse (sometimes depicted with wings), a white eagle, a feathered arrow, and even a willow tree. Her favored weapon is the longbow. Priests are often at the head of armies offering blessings of victory, but have even been called upon by politicians.

Bloodline Powers:
Level 1 —
Battlefield Prowess (Ex): As a free action on your turn, you can rally your allies, granting them a +1 morale bonus to attack rolls and saving throws vs. fear effects. You can use this ability on any turn that you make a successful attack action as long as you are able to speak and be engaged in combat.

Amazing Display (Ex): You are considered to have the Dazzling Display feat with whatever weapon you are wielding, and may use the feat as a swift action on your turn a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier.

Domain Powers:
Tide of Victory (Sp): As an immediate action, you can grant one ally within line of sight that can hear and understand you the Cleave feat until the end of their turn. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier.

War Cry (Su): At 8th level, as an immediate action, when you or an ally defeat an opponent in combat, you may grant that ally and all allies within 30 feet of the ally the benefits of the Heroism spell for a number of rounds equal to your Cleric level. You can end this effect at any time, and the rounds need not be consecutive.

Domain Spells: 1st — Clarion Call, Remove Fear; 2nd — Deadeye’s Arrow, Enthrall; 3rd — Rage, Heroism; 4th — Phantom Steed, Communal; 5th — Heroic Fortune, Mass; 6th — Vengeful Outrage, Greater Heroism; 7th — Brilliant Inspiration; 8th — Animal Shapes (Horse or Pegasus only); 9th — Heroic Invocation


Some tales describe him as a hermit, others a monk. As human priesthoods did not exist in the days when Lenus walked the earth, the former is the most likely. As the story goes, the child of a prominent chieftain fell into a well near his home and when Lenus found her he asked a passing bear to climb in and get her, then he brought life to her dead body. The chieftain called Lenus to his lodge to award him and the animals of the forest he had befriended followed him into the hall. Upon seeing them the chieftain ordered them killed for the feast, but Lenus pleaded for their lives not wishing death upon anyone. His bloodline is common throughout the world, winding up in every culture, though each claim to be his origin. His symbols are the bear, a bucket of water, blooming flowers, and the turtle. He has no favored weapon and his priests do not have access to any spell or ability that requires one. They tend to be pacifists and vegetarians, though some utilizes nets, lassos, or merciful weapons.

Bloodline Powers:
Level 1 —
Soothing Touch (Su): You gain a +4 divine bonus to Heal checks, and can make a dying character stable without making a heal check as a standard action. You may also use Soothing Touch to mitigate the effects of the sickened, fatigued, or dazed conditions for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma modifier.

Wild Empathy (Ex): You gain the Wild Empathy ability, as a Ranger equivalent to your character level. If you already have this ability, you gain a +4 divine bonus to Wild Empathy checks.

Domain Powers:
Speak with Animals (Sp): You can speak with animals, as per the spell, at will.

Healer’s Blessing (Su): At 6th level, all of your cure spells are treated as if they were empowered, increasing the amount of damage healed by half (+50%). This does not apply to damage dealt to undead with a cure spell. This does not stack with the Empower Spell metamagic feat.

Domain Spells: 1st — Diagnose Disease, Remove Sickness; 2nd — Lesser Restoration, Soothing Word; 3rd — Remove Disease, Remove Blindness/Deafness; 4th — Neutralize Poison, Beast Shape II (Bear Only); 5th — Breath of Life, Cleans; 6th — Heal; 7th — Regenerate; 8th — Euphoric Tranquility; 9th — Mass Heal


Legend has it, Cocidius was an invincible warrior and dreaded as a general. But when not donning his horned helmet he was a pensive philosopher. Cocidian strategy is the study of tactics on a broad scale. One tale says how he defeated two whole armies by driving his own ahead of them and scorching the earth eventually starving them both out, never needing to lift a blade. One tale tells of a lion stalking through his army’s encampment, sent by dark forces. When the lion crept into Cocidius’ tent he leapt on its back and wrestled it into submission. The beast then served at his side. The exact type of lion differs in every telling. Symbols of Cocidius include a battle standard, a pair of crossed swords, a horned helmet, a pen and inkwell or a lion. The favored weapon of Cocidius is a polearm of any type. Priests of Cocidius often serve as advisors to generals. They are expected to be good tacticians. Some have even penned enormous volumes on the subject. Bloodlines of Cocidius have been found in the fractured empires and among the noble houses of the feudal kingdoms.

Bloodline Powers:
Level 1 —
Battle Ready (Ex): You gain improved initiative as a bonus feat. In addition, you are considered to have the Combat Reflexes feat, modified by your Intelligence modifier OR Dexterity modifier, whichever is higher.

Survey Battle (Ex): As a move action, you can survey a battle and direct your allies to better affect the tide of combat. Each ally who you can see and can hear and understand you gain a +1 morale bonus to attack rolls until the start of your next turn, and can take a 5-foot step as an immediate action. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier.

Domain Powers:
Seize the Initiative (Ex): Whenever you and your allies roll for initiative, you can grant one ally within 30 feet the ability to roll twice and take either result. This decision is made before results are revealed. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Reassessment (Su): At 8th level, you gain the ability to allow your allies to regroup and reassess a combat. As an move action, or whenever you channel positive energy to heal your allies, each of your allies within 30ft may take one of the following immediate actions:

  • Stand up from prone without provoking an attack of opportunity
  • Take a 5 foot step
  • Withdraw at half movement
  • Drink a potion

You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier.

Domain Spells: 1st — Swift Girding, Magic Weapon; 2nd — Magic Siege Engine, Status; 3rd — Communal Protection from Arrows, Greater Magic Weapon; 4th — Blessing of Fervor, Greater Magic Siege Engine; 5th — Hallucinatory Terrain, Energy Siege Shot; 6th — Greater Energy Siege Shot, Move Earth; 7th — Telepathic Bond, Circle of Clarity; 8th — Animal Shapes (Lions), Rampart; 9th — Screen


cissonius 69596_galley_lg[1]

While many merchants cared only for themselves, Cissonius was a man of big ideas. He built a trade league that rivaled that of the dwarves or eladrin bringing wealth to every human nation. He brokered peace agreements and founded dozens of orphanages in any land. He never passed up an opportunity to give coin to the truly needy. While priests are expected to pursue and admire wealth they are also philanthropists for wealth helps no one when it is hoarded away in hidden chests but instead when it is spent or given. The flow of money is key. Cissonius’ symbols include a gold chain or sceptre, a rushing river, a galley, a gull, and an old beggar. His favored weapon is the rapier or scimitar depending on region. Cissonian bloodlines are found among the United Republics and the southernmost feudal kingdoms although there are merchants with the bloodline who may travel all lands.

Bloodline Powers:
Level 1 —
Wealthy Connections (Su): Wealth tends to come naturally to you. In addition to beginning the game with twice the normal starting wealth, each time you gain a level, you automatically acquire an amount of wealth equal to 500gp x the new level. You must spend at least one week in an area with a high enough settlement to support the award, based on the purchase limit of the settlement. In addition, you always treat a settlement as if its base limit and purchase limit were twice normal, and your presence treats it as if it had a +1 divine bonus to its Economy modifier for rolls made by yourself and your allies.

Silver Tongued (Sp): You gain a +4 divine bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks. If you are able to converse with a person for at least 5 minutes and make a successful Bluff check, you may subject the target to a Charm Person spell (DC 10 + 1/2 your character level + Charisma). You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Intelligence modifier.

Domain Powers:
Sense Wealth (Su): You have an almost supernatural sense for finding hidden wealth, appraisal, and haggling. You gain a divine bonus equal to 1/2 your Cleric level (minimum 1) to Appraise checks, Perception checks to search for treasure or secret doors/compartments, Knowledge: Local to find needed services or products, and Bluff/Diplomacy/Sense Motive checks to haggle for price. In addition, these skills are always considered class skills for you.

River’s Blessing (Su): At 8th level, as a free action, you may benefit from the effects of Freedom of Movement for a number of rounds equal to your Cleric level. These rounds need not be consecutive.

Domain Spells: 1st — Fairness, Liberating Command; 2nd — Detect Thoughts, Detect Secret Doors; 3rd — Locate Object, Discern Value; 4th — Freedom of Movement, Tongues; 5th — True Seeing, Mass Lighten Object; 6th — Find the Path, Secret Chest; 7th — False Vision, Teleport; 8th — Discern Location; 9th — Greater Teleport


Her place in history is confused. She is often depicted as the consort of a god, sometimes even Arawn. Stories tell of her as a fair maiden, able to speak to the flowers. Others tell of a buxom mother who is a friend to many children. Followers of Damara and not just priests often perform rites of fertility and also curses in her name. When scorned she is vengeful and often blamed for the birth of many different monsters such as minotaurs and medusae. In spring, girls wear her flowers in their hair in the hopes that she will help them find a mate and have many children. Her symbols are children of all species especially deer, freshly blossoming flowers, ripe fruit, a plow, and an ox. Her favored weapon is the whip, scourge, or pitchfork. Her priests perform weddings, fertility rites, and curses. Though she is viewed as a saint of monogamy by some she is blamed by those with wandering hearts as well. Her bloodlines are common in the Fractured Empire and through the local tribes of the feudal kingdoms. There is even a rumored bloodline among the hill riders.

Bloodline Powers:
Level 1 —
Youthful Vigor (Su): You gain a +2 divine bonus to saves versus disease or aging effects. You gain a +3 divine bonus to Acrobatics, Climb, and Swim checks, and these skills are always considered class skills for you. Your youthful appearance grants you a +2 bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks that rely on your appearance.

Evil Eye (Su): As a standard action, you can cause doubt to creep into the mind of a foe within 30 feet that you can see. The target takes a –2 penalty on one of the following your choice): AC, ability checks, attack rolls, saving throws, or skill checks. This curse lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier. A Will save reduces this to just 1 round. This is a mind-affecting effect.

Domain Powers:
Blessing of Youth (Su): You are considered to be constantly under the effects of the Youthful Appearance spell if you choose to be. Many priests of Damara maintain a state of late teenage years. At 8th level, you gain the Timeless Body ability of Druids.

Potent Curse (Su): At 8th level, you gain a +2 DC versus spells with the [curse] or [polymorph] descriptor, and you are considered 4 caster levels higher for the purpose of caster level checks against any spell you cast with the [curse] descriptor, or that requires Remove Curse, Break Enchantment, or similar effects to be removed. In addition, your access to the Baleful Polymorph spell cannot be dispelled with Dispel Magic, and requires at least Break Enchantment to be removed.

Domain Spells: 1st — Goodberry, Doom; 2nd — Disfiguring Touch, Unnatural Lust; 3rd — Plant Growth, Bestow Curse; 4th — Aspect of the Stag, Baleful Polymorph; 5th — Age Resistance (Range Touch), Major Curse; 6th — Fire Seeds, Transport via Plants; 7th — Waves of Ecstasy, Animate Plants; 8th — Euphoric Tranquility, Greater Age Resistance (Range Touch); 9th — Irresistible Dance, Temporal Stasis


The story goes that Arawn was a powerful orc who put to rest the wandering spirits of the dead. When a mortal soul knew not how to traverse into the afterlife, wise shaman Arawn showed them the way. Arawn is sometimes depicted as a lich by humans, though orcs depict him as a round faced orc with eyes glowing red so he can see into the spirit world. Priests of Arawn from both races perform funeral rites, talk to the dead, and battle against the undead. His symbols are a scythe, crows, centipedes, skulls of various animals, and glowing eyes. His favored weapon is the scythe or a club. His bloodlines are common among the orcs.

Bloodline Powers:
Level 1 –
Death Walker (Su): You gain a +4 bonus to save vs. death effects or negative energy. You cannot be raised as undead of any kind. You grant anyone trying to resurrect your spirit a +2 divine bonus to the roll.

Undead Scourge (Su): You may smite evil, as a Paladin equal to your character level, against undead creatures only a number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier. If you already have the smite evil ability, you can smite an additional 3 times per day, and you gain a +2 bonus to your smite attack and damage when smiting undead.

Domain Powers:
Return to Peace (Su): Whenever you channel positive energy to harm undead creatures, add your cleric level to the damage dealt. Undead do not add their channel resistance to their saves when you channel positive energy, and you gain a +2 bonus to your channel DC.

Speaker for the Dead (Su): At 8th level, you gain a +2 bonus to resurrection checks. In addition, you are particularly adept at putting souls to rest. Once per day, you can attempt to send a restless spirit permanently to its final rest, in a manner similar to the Banish or Dismissal spells, but applicable only to ghosts, wraiths, spectres, and similar Incorporeal undead. The subject is allowed a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 Cleric Level + Charisma Modifier). If you possess some knowledge of the spirit’s reason for restlessness and can appeal to them, they receive a -2 penalty to the save.

Domain Spells: 1st—deathwatch, chill touch; 2nd—gentle repose, ghostbane dirge; 3rd—speak with dead, mass ghostbane dirge; 4th—death ward, ghost wolf; 5th—raise dead, slay living; 6th—undeath to death; 7th—destruction, temporary resurrection; 8th—waves of exhaustion, finger of death; 9th—wail of the banshee, trap the soul


shark The_Wave_by_el1as

When the orcs take to the sea, whether on longboats in the far north or on catamarans on the seas it is considered prudent to bring a sea witch with you. Nehalennia was a great sea witch who guided the orcish fleets to far off lands and back. When confronted with enemy ships she called a great tempest and capsized them all. Her enemies she fed to the sharks and it is said she could swim among them in safety. A third legend tells of her summoning a great kraken to tear apart ships with ease. Whether it be blessings or curses her priests are masters of the sea. They perform weddings aboard ships and among orcs they perform baptismal rites by throwing orc babies into the depths and seeing if they come to the surface. Those that swim become sailors, those that come up spitting and crying are not shamed but will never be captains. Those that drown were never worthy of life to begin with. Although humans do not practice these rites, they see Nehalennia as a harsh and brutal mistress. Her symbols are a tidal wave, a shark, a giant squid, a sail mast, or a fish. Her favored weapon is the cutlass, trident, or net. Her bloodlines are found among the orcish pirate kings of the south seas.

Bloodline Powers:
Natural Sailor (Su): You gain a +4 divine bonus to Swim checks, Profession: Sailor checks, Acrobatics checks made when aboard a ship, and these skills are always considered class skills for you. You gain a +1 divine bonus to attack rolls when aboard a ship. You gain a +2 bonus to saves versus the sickened and nauseated conditions.

Ocean’s Affinity (Su): You gain a +1 divine bonus to attack rolls while underwater, and you can always take 10 on a Swim checks even in adverse conditions. Swim is always a class skill for you. You can also hold your breath for four times the normal period of time before making drowning checks.

Domain Powers:
Sea Witch’s Blessing (Su): You gain a bonus equal to half of your Cleric level on any Profession: Sailor checks, and it is always considered a class skill for you. Your mere presence on a vessel — calling out to Nehalennia, blessing the ship from time to time, and giving directions — grants a +4 divine bonus to all Profession: Sailor checks made by its captain or crew.

Blessing of the Merfolk (Su): At 8th level, as an immediate action, you may grant yourself and any allies within 30ft a swim speed of 60ft and the effects of Water Breathing for a number of rounds equal to your Cleric level. These rounds need not be consecutive.

Domain Spells: 1st — Air Bubble, Read Weather; 2nd — Sea Legs, Slipstream; 3rd — Quench, Water Breathing; 4th — Black Tentacles, Rusting Grasp; 5th — Control Winds, Wall of Water; 6th — Dehydration, Beast Shape III (Shark Only); 7th — Vortex, Control Weather; 8th — Seamantle, Animal Shapes (Sharks Only); 9th — Summon Kraken (as summon monster 9), Tsunami

Other Faiths

Druids of the Four Winds

Natures Bond:
A Druid of the Four Winds takes the Domain Bond option for Natures Bond. The domains are described below.

Druid of Neru, The North Wind

Domain Powers:
Resistance (Su): You receive Resistance to Cold 5. This increases to 10 at 8th level, and 20 at 15th level.

Icewalker (Su): At 1st level, you gain the ability to traverse ice and snow without incurring penalties for difficult terrain, or requiring balance checks. At 8th level, you gain the ability to cling to snow and ice as per the Spider Climb spell.

Domain Spells: 1st—whispering wind, chill touch; 2nd—wind wall, resist energy; 3rd—gaseous form, sleet storm; 4th—fire shield (chill shield), ice storm; 5th—control winds, cone of cold; 6th—wind walk, control weather; 7th—Walk the Four Winds (Ethereal Jaunt), freezing sphere; 8th—whirlwind, polar ray 9th—Travel the Four Winds (Etherealness), Winds of Vengeance

Druid of Sunnon, The South Wind

Domain Powers:
Resistance (Su): You receive Resistance to Fire 5. This increases to 10 at 8th level, and 20 at 15th level.

Dessication Immunity (Su): You require one fifth of the water of a normal humanoid, and are immune to desiccation effects such as the dehydration or horrid wilting spells.

Heat Shimmer (Su): As a free action, you can surround yourself with heat distortion that acts as the blur spell. Creatures that strike you in melee while you’re using this ability are dazzled for 1 round (no save). You may use this ability for a number of rounds equal to your Druid level plus your Wisdom modifier. These rounds need not be consecutive.

Domain Spells: 1st—whispering wind, produce flame; 2nd—wind wall, resist energy; 3rd—gaseous form, cup of dust; 4th—fire shield (warm shield), wall of fire; 5th—control winds, flame strike; 6th—wind walk, sirocco; 7th—Walk the Four Winds (Ethereal Jaunt), horrid wilting; 8th—whirlwind, incendiary cloud; 9th—Travel the Four Winds (Etherealness), winds of vengeance

Druid of Ausus, the East Wind

Domain Powers:
Resistance (Su): You receive Resistance to Lightning 5. This increases to 10 at 8th level, and 20 at 15th level.

One with the Storm (Su): At 6th level, you are unaffected by natural and magical wind effects, and can see through rain and fog without penalty. You may also Empower any electricity spells a number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier.

Domain Spells: 1st—whispering wind, shocking grasp; 2nd—wind wall, resist energy; 3rd—lightning bolt, call lightning; 4th— hurricane blast, ball lightning; 5th—control winds, call lightning storm; 6th—wind walk, control weather; 7th—Walk the Four Winds (Ethereal Jaunt), Chain Lightning; 8th—whirlwind, stormbolts 9th—Travel the Four Winds (Etherealness), Storm of Vengeance

Druid of Weser, the West Wind

Domain Powers:
Resistance (Su): You receive Resistance to Acid 5. This increases to 10 at 8th level, and 20 at 15th level.

Water Adaptation (Su): At 1st level, swampy or shallow water does not act as difficult terrain for you, and you can hold your breath for four times as long as normal. At 8th level, you gain a Swim speed of 30 feet. At 12th level, you gain the ability to breath underwater.

Domain Spells: 1st—whispering wind, corrosive touch; 2nd—stinking cloud, acid arrow; 3rd—gaseous form, hydraulic torrent; 4th— vitriolic mist, ride the waves; 5th—control winds, acid spray; 6th—wind walk, control weather; 7th—Walk the Four Winds (Ethereal Jaunt), acid fog; 8th—whirlwind, caustic eruption; 9th—Travel the Four Winds (Etherealness), Storm of Vengeance

The Dreamspeakers

The Eladrin became attuned to the powers of memory and dream in the heavenly realm of Menelaith long before the gods ascended. Clerics of the Eladrin are known as Dreamspeakers, and are keepers of history and language. Dreamspeakers have no favored weapon and cannot cast spells that require one.

Domain Powers:
Master of the Faerie: A Dreamspeaker can affect evil or good Fey creatures with her channel energy abilities.

Collective Unconscious: At 1st level, a Dreamspeaker gains an insight bonus to all Knowledge checks equal to their Wisdom modifier. A Dreamspeaker considers all Knowledge skills to be class skills. In addition, a Dreamspeaker can make an untrained Knowledge check as if she had ranks equal to 1/2 her cleric level (including class skill bonus, modified by Wisdom) whenever she takes a full rest.

One Thousand Tongues: At 8th level, a Dreamspeaker can communicate telepathically with any creature she can see, as if she understood their language. She can convey images as well, showing any creature her own memories should she choose to do so.

Domain Spells: 1st — Comprehend Languages, Sleep; 2nd — Memory Lapse; 3rd — Confusion, Deep Slumber; 4th — Phantasmal Killer; 5th — Dream, Nightmare; 6th — Legend Lore; 7th — Vision, Modify Memory; 8th — Temporal Stasis; 9th — Overwhelming Presence, Walk the Dreaming (Menelaith)

The Makers

The Makers are esoteric dwarven craftsmen who live deep in the mountains of Baradorn, laboring endlessly on the invention of new crafts. It is Makers that created the first Artifacts, and makers who unlocked the secrets of steel, mithril silver, and adamantine.

“Maker” is an archetype applied to the Cleric class.

Arcane Source (Su): Makers cast spells as arcane spellcasters, but suffer no armor check penalties and do not require material components that cost less than 10gp.

Spells (Su): A Maker casts spells as a Cleric (using Wisdom) with a very specific spell list. They do not have the ability to spontaneously cast cure spells.

Sacred Craft (Su): With access to a masterwork forge or other craftsman’s tools, a Maker gains a bonus to skill checks of their chosen Sacred Craft equal to 1/2 their Cleric level (rounded up). They use this craft skill in the creation of magic items in place of the Spellcraft skill.

Craftspeaking (Su): With access to a masterwork forge or other craftsman’s tools, a Maker can use their channel positive energy ability to “speak” to an Antique, Relic, or Artifact in order to learn something of its history, though the answers may be limited to the item’s perspective and it may communicate only in brief images. This works much like the Stone Tell spell.

Maker’s Blessing (Su): A Maker’s channel positive energy ability can only be used to affect creatures of the Construct type. The maker can choose to heal or harm Constructs at the time they use this ability.

Maker Spell List:
0th — Mending, Detect Magic
1st — Alarm, Crafter’s Fortune, Erase, Expeditious Excavation, Gravity Bow, Jury-Rig, Lighten Object, Magic Weapon, Identify, Magic Aura, Produce Flame, Repair Light Damage
2nd — Arcane Lock, Continual Flame, Glitterdust, Instant Armor, Knock, Magic Siege Engine, Make Whole, Masterwork Transformation, Repair Moderate Damage, Returning Weapon, Shatter, Telekinetic Assembly, Wood Shape
3rd — Armor Lock, Arcane Sight, Chill Metal, Dispel Magic, Explosive Runes, Glyph of Warding, Heat Metal, Keen Edge, Greater Magic Weapon, Repair Serious Damage, Shrink Weapon, Stone Shape, Versatile Weapon
4th — Create Holds, Fire Trap, Forceful Strike, Malfunction, Greater Magic Siege Engine, Minor Creation, Obsidian Flow, Repair Critical Damage, Secure Shelter, Stoneskin, Wall of Fire
5th — Apparent Master, Mage’s Private Sanctum, Soothe Construct, Unbreakable Construct, Major Creation, Secret Chest, Symbol of Scrying, Wall of Stone, Energy Siege Shot, Fabricate, Lighten Object (Mass), Rapid Repair, Teleport, Transmute Mud to Rock, Transmute Rock to Mud, Permanency
6th — Antimagic Field, Animate Objects, Blade Barrier, Disintegrate, Greater Dispel Magic, Forbiddance, Greater Glyph of Warding, Symbol of Sealing, Wall of Iron, Legend Lore (Objects Only), Analyze Dweomer, Greater Energy Shot, Flesh to Stone, Stone to Flesh, Hardening, Move Earth, Transformation
7th — Control Construct, Statue, Greater Teleport, Mage’s Magnificent Mansion, Phase Door, Rampart, Greater Arcane Sight, Simulacrum, Limited Wish
8th — Dimensional Lock, Call Construct, Wall of Lava, Discern Location (Objects Only), Antipathy, Sympathy, Clone, Iron Body, Polymorph Any Object, Earthquake
9th — Salvage, Wooden Phalanx, Imprisonment, Mage’s Disjunction, Wall of Suppression, Repel Metal or Stone

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